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Honest Engine formed in 1994 and recorded their debut CD COMBUSTION in 1995. This CD sold extremely well on a local level propelled by the single 'Turn Out The Sun.' X96 KXRK eventually dubbed the song the 'Most Requested Local Song' of 1996. It remains a popular MP3 download. The CD COMBUSTION sold out of 2000 copies in only a few months and was recently crowned 'CD of the Millennium' by The Event newspaper. Honest Engine appeared in and had songs featured in the Fox movie 'Terror in the Family,' this movie starred Academy Award winner Hilary Swank. The adventure sports video Cycles also featured music from COMBUSTION.

Honest Engine then spent two years building their own recording studio and preparing songs for their follow up CD, OVERHAUL. This CD featured a heavier, stripped down, rock sound. The CD was greeted with unanimous praise from local critics. This praise had double the significance since the CD was recorded entirely at Honest Engine's Studio, Friction Studios.

After their Western Tour, Honest Engine returned to the studio to record their third CD, HIGH OCTANE which has not yet been released.

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Honest Engine: Woman Is, Live Mix
Full Length, Compressed Quality MP3 File: 2 MB.

Honest Engine's Woman Is, recorded live at Barkley's in Colorado. The studio version is available on Honest Engine's second CD, Overhaul or online at itunes and all other major music download sites.

Honest Engine: Dislocated
Full Length, High Quality MP3 File: 3.1 MB.

Dislocated is from Honest Engine's second CD, Overhaul. Recorded entirely in the virtual realm at Friction Studio, Dislocated is a hard hitting, in your face mix of rock and funk music.

Honest Engine: Do It Myself
Full Length, Compressed Quality MP3 File: 2 MB.

Honest Engine's Do It Myself from Overhaul. Rock at it's finest.

Honest Engine: Hourglass
Full Length, Compressed Quality MP3 File: 2 MB.

Hourglass from Honest Engine's CD, Overhaul. Hard hitting and funky as hell.

Honest Engine: Turn Out The Sun
Full length, high quality MP3 file: 5MB.

Turn Out The Sun is the hit song from Honest Engine's first CD, Combustion. The #1 requested local song on X-96 and still popular with fans. Since the CD Combustion is now out of print, the only place you can get Turn Out The Sun is here.

Honest Engine: Seldons Plan
Full Length, Compressed Quality MP3 File: 2 MB.

Seldons Plan is from Honest Engine's first CD, Combustion. Deep rock with flowing melodies and lyrics.

Honest Engine: Funk Displacement
Full length, high quality MP3: 3.7MB.

Funk Displacement is from Honest Engine's first CD, Combustion. A heavy mix of rock and funk with lyrics to match. Everyone's favorite to sing along. At live shows the audience gets louder than the band.
If, I was a better man
I, never had to use my hand
genetic letter on my varsity sweater
anyone but me

ugly sneaky always been freaky
scary to my friends
til my friendship ends
simply doggy no prince I'm froggy
blackboard and nails
till my friendship fails

If, I was Einstein
had his brain, not mine
so much better
at dirty letters
anyone but me

If, I was the king
or maybe James Dean
even better
could be Eddie Vedder
anyone but me

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