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Mr. Sunshine - americana roots rock

Mr. Sunshine is the alter-ego of Tres Jones. Tres is a singer-songwriter that has been active in the Salt Lake music scene for some time. The Mr. Sunshine album 'Estranged' has garnered excellent reviews locally and featured the creative contibutions of many local prominent Salt Lake artists. Diverse players from diverse bands came together to create a cohesive collection of Americana-tinged rock that feels like a well-loved quilt.

Musicians include:
Rehan Jacob from Honest Engine, Mojo Filter, and The James Woods Project
Cram from Points West, Honest Engine, and The Flat Earth
Brant Paulsen from Clover
Mitch Glende from Clover
Rory Carrera from The Rubber Band
Steve Lemmon
Phil Howland
Rik Spydell
John Kavanaugh
Ken Sager

with art and photography by:
Michael Schoenfeld
Cheri Stringham
Dawn Atkin

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Mr. Sunshine: Let Go
Full length, high quality MP3: 3.7MB.

Mr. Sunshine's debut album adds a folk feel to classic rock and roll. Let Go will grab you.

Mr. Sunshine: Innocent Eyes
Full length, compressed quality MP3: 2MB.

Classic Rock and Roll with a folk feel. Great music from Mr. Sunshine's CD, Estranged.

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